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Civil marriage

A Fairy-tale wedding

The Castello dei Solaro, situated in the heart of the Piedmont region and the province of Cuneo, is the ideal place to crown your marriage, in the presence of the mayor of the town. Enjoy the charm of one of the most beautiful areas of Italy for an unforgettable experience.
At Castello dei Solaro your dream comes true with a marriage that has legal value, within a unique location. A civil marriage that combines style, tradition and - thanks to our services – plenty of originality.

After the ceremony, a rich welcome appetizer will greet your guests: there is a spacious equipped playground for children. The bride and groom can easily have their photographs taken and start the celebrations in total comfort.

Wedding Ceremony
in the Castle

For a fairy-tale ceremony in the ancient and charming halls of a
medieval fortress of the thirteenth century, our castle is the ideal solution.
Our staff will be at your disposal to make you the absolute protagonists
of this setting. The large and diverse indoor environments along with a rich
array of food and wine will indeed ensure a unique wedding event.

Wedding Ceremony
in the Park

Dreaming of an outdoor wedding worthy of a motion picture film? 
At Castello dei Solaro, you can organise a Civil celebration, totally
en plein air, especially in the summer season: a real American-style
wedding, set under the lime trees lining the avenue to the centre of
the park. You will definitely amaze your guests ... and yourselves.

Castle rooms

Salone Contessa  Eufrasia.

Salone Contessa Eufrasia

Situated in the courtyard of the castle, it is characterised by a large, bright window overlooking the park, and is accessed through a neo-classical door, an attribute of the Countess Eurasia’s fine taste. There are visible traces of the lowered arches of a large gallery and a porch in the hall and there are still many "iron shelf" fixtures in the form of a stork's beak between the windows, used to support the wooden beams according to the custom and following medieval period. It is the perfect place for events with many guests; no one is excluded from this spacious hall.

Maximum capacity: 450.

Sala Filippo d’Acaja .

Sala Filippo d’Acaja

An important renaissance hall featuring a refined panelled ceiling, finely frescoed in rich shades of blue, which was the "reception hall" of the Solaro Counts. During the Baroque period, the elegant hall sprang to life with the stately country life and the Solaro nobles engaged in cheerful conversations with their distinguished guests. If you want to experience the traditions of the past in this noble hall, here is where you can receive and share the most important moments of your life with your guests.

Maximum capacity: 200.

Sala Silvio Pellico.

Sala Silvio Pellico

The room, which owes its name to its illustrious guest, is characterised by majestic Italian walnut panelled ceilings. It was in this very room that Silvio Pellico, a veteran from Spielberg, found dwelling and inspiration for the first few chapters of "My Prisons." The Solaro emblem, a blunt arrow with a ribbon wrapped around it is painted in several of the panels in the ceiling, with the Gothic script, "Tiel fiert here ne tue pas", the meaning of the motto is unclear; it is assumed that it narrates a love-themed enigma.

Maximum capacity: 150.

Sala Secolo XIII.

Sala Secolo XIII

Located where the stables of the noble castle once were, it is a fascinating contrast between its "ancient" arched ceilings, and "modern" technology, represented by colourful led lighting that illuminates the entire room.

The Sala Secolo XIII features a private garden where you can greet your guests with a refreshing welcome drink.

Maximum capacity: 200.

Sala Rosa.

Sala Rosa

The most ancient and romantic of the castle, characterised by shades of pink to lime with an original panelled ceiling of the 1300s, is the ideal hall for lunches and dinners with a few close friends or for an intimate candlelit meal.

It is perfect for those who wish to immerse themselves as if by magic in typical medieval surroundings.

Maximum capacity: 50.

The Classic Menu

Luxury Services

Al Castello dei Solaro everything is selected to the last detail.
The Wedding planner of the castle will follow you systematically, advising you in the selection of a wide range of exclusive services tailored to fit you.
The most important day of your life will be made unique by the details that only Italian hospitality and professionalism can offer.

This journey will also be a way to learn more about the wedding traditions of the Bel Paese, sometimes legacy of past centuries, sometimes the result of a combination with those from other nations: from the wedding gown, wedding favours to white doves, up to the selection of a professional photographer.

Wedding dress.

Wedding dress

Wedding rings.

Wedding rings



Place card.

Place card

Wedding favours.

Wedding favours

Wedding cake.

Wedding cake

Floral decorations.

Floral decorations

Balloon decorations.

Balloon decorations

Personalised wine labels.

Personalised wine labels

Personalised sugar sachet.

Personalised sugar sachet



Wedding seating plan.

Wedding seating plan

Chocolate fountain.

Chocolate fountain

Open bar.

Open bar

Professional photographer.

Professional photographer

Musical entertainment.

Musical entertainment

Guest entertainment.

Guest entertainment

Children entertainment.

Children entertainment

White doves.

White doves

Fireworks display.

Fireworks display

Horse carriage.

Horse carriage

Vintage luxury car.

Vintage luxury car

Bus service for guests.

Bus service for guests

Overnight accommodation.

Overnight accommodation

Photo gallery

Civil ceremony

Magic moments


Cakes castle

Luxury services



Sala Contessa Eufrasia

Sala Filippo D'Acaja

Sala Rosa

Sala Secolo XIII

Sala Silvio Pellico

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