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Cookies disclaimer
In reference to provision n.229, May 8, 2014 of the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that this site uses cookies to store information on your computer. This disclaimer explains how to use cookies and may be modified from time to time, without prior notice. To be certain that this site is being used with complete and updated information about our use of cookies we encourage you to check this page. By using this site, you accept the placement of cookies on your computer in accordance with the terms of this disclaimer. If you do not wish to accept cookies from this site, please, either disable cookies or refrain from using this site.

1. What are cookies?
A cookie is a string consisting only of text that a website transfers to the appropriate file of the browser on the hard drive of your computer, so that the site may store some information about you. Information regarding pages visited, of choices made in the menus, and whatever information that may be entered in the forms, also time and day of the connection to the site. The cookies themselves cannot be used to identify a user.

2. Types of cookies
There are two types of cookies:
Session Cookies: These temporary cookies expire at the end of a browser session, that is, when you leave the site. Session cookies allow the website to recognise you as you move through the pages during a browser session and allows you to use the website more efficiently. For example, session cookies help a website to remember that a user has placed the selected items in an online shopping cart.

Permanent cookies: Unlike session cookies, permanent cookies are stored on your computer even after the browsing sessions, and stored until the expiration or cancellation. They therefore enable the site to "recognise" your return and remember your preferences and personalisations.
Apart from the session cookies and permanent cookies, there may be other cookies set by the website that you choose to visit, providing information to us or to third parties.

3. Our use of cookies
Currently we use, and we could use hereafter, the following types of cookies on this website.
We use session cookies: To help us maintain security and check your details to improve your experience on our site.
We use permanent cookies:
To help us recognise you as a unique user when you return to our website, so you do not have to re-enter your data and improve the usability of the site.
Remember how you have customized the use of this site, such as language, preferred currency, time zone, etc...
Collect and compile anonymous information, aggregated for statistical and evaluation purposes to help us understand how users use the site and help us improve the structure of our website.
Many cookies are designed to give optimal use of the web. For example, we use cookies to enable you to improve your user experience when using our site (for example, a cookie recognizes if your browser supports a specific technological functionality). This helps, for example, to load web pages faster when it requires downloading large files.
We also use cookies to collect information that is sent to a third party, an example of this is Google Analytics (for more details see: Google Privacy Policy - Opt Out), or the keys to share our contents on the main Social Network: in this case cookies generated belong to the Social Network selected each time.
Please consult the third-party website for more information about their use of cookies.
As with primary cookies, you can block third-party cookies via your browser settings.
Some of our cookies may collect and store personal information, such as your name or email address. We are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy and ensure that all personal information collected by us will be kept and treated in accordance with the privacy policy.

4. Rejection of cookies on this site
Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. However, you have the option to disable cookies if you wish, generally by changing the navigation settings of your browser. It may also be possible to configure the browser settings to enable acceptance of specific cookies or to notify you each time a new cookie is about to be stored on your computer. This allows you to decide whether to accept or decline cookies. To manage the use of cookies, there are various resources available, such as the "Help”, section of your browser is useful. You can also disable or delete data stored and used by technology similar to cookies, such as local shared objects or Flash cookies through the browser settings or by visiting the website of the manufacturer.
Since our cookies allow you to access some of the essential features of our website, we recommend you leave cookies enabled, otherwise, if the cookies are deactivated, you might find that functionalities of our website are reduced.

The Castello dei Solaro restaurant collects and uses the personal data of its users according to the rules of Legislative Decree196 dated 06/30/2003
The law protects and guarantees that the processing of data is conducted with respect of individual rights.
Pursuant to Article13 of the Decree, we inform you that the information you provide on our website ( shall be handled in compliance with regulations and obligations of confidentiality.
We inform you of the following:

  1. The personal data that you freely provide from our website (, will be stored electronically, protected and processed as completely reserved information by the Castello dei Solaro di Ronco Danilo e Loredana s.n.c - located in Via Vitale No. 4, 12030 Villanova Solaro (CN) - ITALY - Tel. (+39) 0172 99365 - Fax (+39) 0172 922 914. For your own institutional purposes connected or instrumental to the Castle itself and to bring to your attention, advertising or promotional material.

2. In accordance with Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196 dated 06/30/2003, at any time and completely free of charge you can consult, integrate, modify or delete your data, or deny in whole or in part to their use for the purposes specified in point 1, by writing to Castello dei Solaro di Ronco Danilo e Loredana s.n.c - via Vitale No. 4, 12030 Villanova Solaro (CN) - ITALY

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