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The Castello dei Solaro is located in the province of Cuneo, in the heart of Piedmont and a short distance from the city of Turin.
Therefore, it offers the benefits of isolation and peacefulness as well as quick and easy access to the regional capital.

Therefore, you can take advantage of an event at our fortress to arrange a visit to this beautiful area.
The first destination recommended is surely Turin, one of the most charming Italian cities. Architecture, archaeology, cinema ... there are many reasons as to why you need to visit the former capital of the Kingdom of Italy.
There are also many other destinations, smaller in size, but equally worthy of a visit: from Saluzzo to Manta di Saluzzo, from Savigliano to Racconigi. Ending up with Cuneo, the first provincial capital of Italy for snowfall, it is a city decorated for Military Valor for the War of Liberation, for its activities in the partisan struggle during the Second World War.
For mountain lovers, at last, there is nothing better than Monviso, also known as the Stone King and from where the Po River flows. Whether you prefer a snowshoe hike, a mountain bike ride or a visit to the valleys, the most important Piedmont summit will leave you breathless.

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