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Planning your Wedding

Here’s the 4-legs method plus a special ingredient that we have been using for over 20 years to build your Fairytales.


No more narrow corridors and stairs! You’ll find a modern venue with wide open spaces and always a second “Plan A” at your disposal.


We’re not a start-up. Our experience comes from the over 2500 functions organised during more than 20 years in the business.


There won’t be any field kitchen or makeshift solution: when it comes to the cuisine, we don’t like to improvise. A multi-award winning kitchen staff of the Langhe tradition will be waiting for you.


You just can’t compare any other venue to a unique Fairytale Castle that we’ll customize just for you.


You can’t do everything by yourself! That’s why we will guide you through the planning with advice and hints to surprise your guests and make your dreams come true.

History of the Castle

Castello dei Solaro is a historical residence of the XIII century, built by the Princes of Acaja and serving as a military outpost against the powerful Marquisate of Saluzzo.

It is an authentic medieval fortress which still upholds its grand and majestic aspect: crossing the drawbridge on the trench will soon make you feel protected.

The Castle got a new lease on life when it was acquired by the Solaro Counts. Countess Eufrasia ordered a renovation, both of the park and the mansion, which, together with the noblewoman’s thirst for knowledge, contributed to the transformation of the Castle from mere medieval stronghold, into an authentic cultural parlor. It does not come as a surprise, then, that Silvio Pellico chose the castle to read a preview of The My Prisons to a selected audience.

Our Story

It was 1994 when Danilo, owner of the Castle together with his wife Loredana, visited Villanova Solaro for the first time. It was there in the Langhe region that an ancient uninhabited castle needed concern and renovation. Immune to the ravages of time and relying on its strong history, it just waited to be brought back to court life. Danilo soon understood its potential, mostly due to its uniqueness. As a matter of fact, in recent years, it had been transformed into a hospital, getting rid of all the obstacles that Castles usually have, the same that during receptions create many inconveniences to guests (stairs, narrow passages and architectural barriers). It’s from this lucky hunch and from a dream that Castello dei Solaro was conceived… A Castle entirely restored and adapted to the events of the new Millennium and that, in more than 20 years of activity, has become leader in Piedmontese hospitality. 

Danilo Ronco's Book

Matrimonio in dimora d’epoca
Flop o Favola?

Castello dei Solaro - Matrimonio in Dimora D'Epoca, Flop o Favola

Getting married in an ancient abode can easily be a failure. This type of venues was not created to host a XXI century reception, which could turn into a nightmare for you and your guests. If you’re getting married in a fabulous historical venue you need to be prepared to all the problems you might have to face and that no-one wants to talk about. I have written this book when I already had thousands of events behind me. The aim was that of analyzing the different historical abodes and unveiling the “4 legs method” that I put into practice every time I need to organise a wedding reception. I’ll be there for you with my twenty years’ experience and with more than 2500 weddings at my back, each of them hosted in a historical abode. If you are thinking of getting married in an ancient dwelling, then you should absolutely read this book. It will help you avoid Failures and will turn your Special Day into a Fairytale.

In the book you’ll discover how to organise your wedding, avoiding the risks and problems that a historical venue hides and that no-one will ever tell you. No-one except Danilo, owner of the Castle. 

Loredana member of the Italian Historic Houses Association:

Castello dei Solaro

Villanova Solaro (CN)

Castello dei Solaro is a few kilometers from Turin and Cuneo, in Piedmont’s green countries of Villanova Solaro.

Away from the hustle of the city you can appreciate, in total tranquility, our traditional cuisine of the Langhe region, home of many DOC products, in an authentic Italian historical dwelling.

Prizes and Acknowledgements

Here’s all the acknowledgements received from the professionals of Wedding in Italy.

Restaurant Guru
Castello dei Solaro
Dimore Storiche Italiane
Castello dei Solaro

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