The Cuisine

We believe in the benefits of having our own in-house kitchen, fully equipped and ready to any challenge but most of all, close to the dining rooms. Our staff is harmonious and already tested and they’ll do the rest!
These values are the key to the success of your wedding!

History and Territory

You must have already heard of the traditional cuisine of the Langhe Region...
The province of Cuneo, where the Castle is located in Piedmont, is the one in Italy with the highest number of products with protected designation of origin! It’s the home of many refined foods, traditional cheeses, exquisite wines and quality breeding farms which carry on the cultural and agricultural traditions of this wonderful territory, known worldwide.

Sweet leeks, berries, peppers and the famous cheeses like Castelmagno, Raschera, Bra, Toma or the renowned Fassone meat, the typical Piedmontese bovine, together with white chicken, the Sausage of Bra, lamb and many other delicacies are among our famous products!

We proudly exalt the Piedmontese products of the Langhe and do our best everyday to have the best quality by looking for the best products.

Our menu, conceived by our Executive Chef and his kitchen staff will surprise you with its wide choice of fresh, seasonal products.
And if that’s not enough, for kids and people with food allergies we have dedicated menus certified by a team of experts (Check out “Associazione Italiana Celiachia” for more). 

The Reception

They say that one bad memory can take the place of 10 good ones in our brain. Here’s why even if your guests will notice the pleasant atmosphere, they will most likely remember the difficulties and problems of your party!

And, believe us, in over 20 years of experience we have understood that in this type of celebrations there can be many obstacles, even when the party is planned down to the last detail.

That’s why we really can help you have the atmosphere of your dreams, safeguarding the functionality and safety of the spaces, logistics and originality!

Prizes and Prizes and Acknowledgements

Travelers Choice 2020

Castello dei Solaro

Italian venue monitored by the Italian Celiac Association