The Facilities

Narrow, dark rooms; endless stairs; makeshift dance halls; guests divided in different rooms and abandoned gardens that look like wastelands, exposed to the boiling sun and to bad weather... Is this what you really want for your wedding?

Your “I do” here at the Castle will NEVER result in a failure but it will be stuck in your memory and in that of your guests as a fairytale.

In this section we’ll present all our wide and bright spaces, the beautiful rooms suitable to any moment of the party and our solutions in case of bad weather… Your job will just be that of enjoying a Castle full of history, ready to be transformed into a modern venue for the after-party!

The Abode

Castles are usually dark, narrow and full of stairs… but not this one! We’ll give you a tour of the Lord of the Manor’s home: The Abode is composed of the Acaja Court and the Prince Philip of Acaja Room. It’s an exclusive space with private car parks and independent entrances.

The biggest room was obtained from the Court of Acaja and it honours the Princes of Acaja with 500 Sq m and more than 300 seats.

The atmosphere is exclusive. The ceiling is 6 metres high and the panoramic glass wall is 20 m long and overlooks the ancient park. The room is totally accessible and free from architectural barriers: the space is not divided by pillars or walls, which you’ll generally find in any other Piedmontese castle or even worse, under a plastic tensile structure!
Furthermore, the Acaja Court is equipped with state-of-the-art light designs, so that even the old walls of the castle can be adapted to the theme colour of your event, making the atmosphere unique and evocative.

Beside the fabulous park, over 15.000 Sq m wide, the Prince Philip of Acaja Room will be available for your second “Plan A”.

This is where Countess Eufrasia used to throw her parties and it can hold up to 140 people under its fully painted and coffered ceiling.

You can serve here an intimate dinner at the table in a romantic atmosphere or just choose it for the Aperitivo if a summer shower surprises you during the reception.

On the other hand, if you have chosen the Civil Ceremony under the tree-lined walkway, this will be your second “Plan A” in case of bad weather! 

The Stables

Do you really want to contend with the problems you might find in a typical historic dwelling? Can you imagine what it would mean to throw a party in small, cramped rooms with unsuitable stairs which make it difficult just to go out for some fresh air?

Imagine that you could have a XXI century party in an ancient abode and kill two birds with one stone!

Discover The Stables: the area is composed by the Knights’ Room and the Silvio Pellico Room. It’s an exclusive solution with private car parks and independent entrances.

The Knights’ Room, located in the most ancient wing of the castle can hold more than 150 guests under its barrel vault. Its secret garden is free from any type of architectural barrier.

A next generation light design is included with this solution so as to have a suggestive mix of modern and ancient styles, thanks to the led lights with which you can transform the white walls and pair them to the theme colours of your party.

In case of rain or just to split the event in two different rooms the Silvio Pellico area will be available for you.

Its ceiling is coffered with Italian hickory and the room is cozy and dominated by history since the patriot Silvio Pellico has read here the first chapters of his well-known “The My Prisons”.

The Castle

Treat yourself to “Castello dei Solaro for a day” exclusively for you. 

Why don’t you rely on somebody who can guarantee a twenty years’ experience, all its Staff and a whole Castle!

Imagine to personalise our spaces and have a UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE moment for your Special Day.

Here’s some of the things you could do:
A Wedding Ceremony in the Philip of Acaja Hall
A Welcoming Buffet in the Silvio Pellico Room
A Feast in the great Court of Acaja

A Lounge party in the Knights’ Room with led lights and an open bar, to dance until the very end of your party!

You’ll have so many options that you’ll certainly find the right atmosphere, complying with functionality, logistics and the safety of your guests.

That’s why by choosing to get married at Castello dei Solaro your Fairytale is guaranteed!

The Park

Parks in advertising photos are generally bigger and so different from how they appear in reality that they should be called “backyards”. This detail may compromise the whole reception, hindering the guests and forcing the newlyweds to travel through the whole region to find the right landscape for the photos and for their Special Day.

Our huge park (almost 15.000 Sq m) is one of our strong points. This is where you can serve the Aperitivo for your guests or take your Wedding Photos by the lake, the fountains, the statues or the evocative corners of the big garden. The area is also suitable for open-air Receptions and dinners and disposes of a playground where the kids can play in total safety.

We also remind you that the park is the ideal choice for the original American Legally Binding Civil Ceremonies, that can be held under the linden trees of the walkway, in case you choose the classic Abode, or under a dedicated structure, if you want to get married in the more original Stables.

What if bad weather surprises you? Don’t despair! We’ll be ready to move your party, and all its trimmings to the Acaja Court, where the glass wall will still overlook the park.