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Organising a wedding is not that easy and frequently, even the expert external suppliers can’t do their best, since they don’t know the venue, its rhythm, the schedule and the spaces of our historical dwelling.

We tend to discourage DIY: we have seen many brides improvise and then regret it because, let’s be honest, “you only get married once”.

Here’s how we differ… our Location Consultant (and owner) Loredana has a twenty years’ experience in the field and knows the Castle like the back of her hand! That’s why she’ll be able to give you the originality you are looking for and to create, together with you, a true masterpiece!

Your guests will be charmed by what you will organise for them, because you’ll give them the chance of living an extraordinary day.

Trust Loredana’s twenty years’ experience

...She has planned more than…


Wedding Receptions

Loredana’s “Four Towers Method

Imagine a majestic castle with four towers: magnificent, grandiose, sumptuous and lightened up for the party.

Now imagine one of the towers collapse on itself… it would be a real mess and you would have to kiss your fairytale goodbye!

Loredana’s “Four Towers Method” will pledge to give you a solid wedding, as if it were built on four strong towers, essential for a successful Special Day: 

Castello dei Solaro

Our reassuring experience

Our familiarity with the venue

A Tailored Party

Entertaining your guests

If you choose us, your wedding will be original, safe and “glitch-proof”... And, if that’s not enough, our Location Consultant will enrich it with a touch of “uniqueness”: it’s our special ingredient to make you live your Fairytale… the Uniqueness of making you the King and Queen of your Castle!

Discover in our video, created just for you, how to learn and avoid the typical accidents of Historic Abodes and make sure you live an unforgettable day.

Castello dei Solaro


Loredana, our Location Consultant is here to help you! Just follow the lead of a woman with a twenty years’ experience but who maintains the passion of the first day on the job!

Castello dei Solaro


Loredana is not only a Location Consultant, she is also co-owner of the Castle and knows it as the back of her hand! You can rely on her for your five-stars event!

Castello dei Solaro


If you want your party to be unforgettable, it must follow the latest trends but, most of all, it should personalise them! Our Loredana works constantly to seek what’s best for you!

Castello dei Solaro


People may forget what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel. Loredana will help you build many unforgettable memories for you and your guests!