The Wedding

The Wedding Reception

Did you know that the 70% of a successful wedding depends on the Reception? It is where you’ll spend most of your Special Day. You just can’t plan your wedding, often defined as the most important day of your life, and not take into account this detail.

This is why we have decided to guarantee a safe option for you to avoid any accident that could ruin your party!

It will all be masterly and professionally organised as only someone with a twenty years’ experience can: starting from the schedule to the selection of the courses, together with the choice of a special menu for your guests with food allergies and the vegan or vegetarian options.
Thanks to our traditional in-house cuisine from the Langhe Region and to our chefs’ experience, we can guarantee the Safe and Flawless wedding you are looking for.

Every detail at your reception will be constantly monitored by our Head Waiter, who will take care of the organisation of the restaurant with passion and dedication and will cure the whole planning of your event!

Watch the video we created just for you and discover how to avoid troubles in historical abodes and safeguard your Unforgettable Moment. 

Civil Ceremony

What do brides who choose a Civil Ceremony fear the most? That the ceremony is too cold, hasty and that the venue is not fit for the bride’s stunning entrance.

Well, if you chose us, don’t despair! The original American Wedding in a Medieval Fairytale Castle does exist! At Castello dei Solaro you can celebrate your legally binding Civil Ceremony in our huge ancient park.

Would you like to get married in our tree-lined walkway, just like in movies?

But what if it rained? What if it were too windy or too hot?

Guess what? We’ll always give you another “Plan A” in case of bad weather or if your Civil Ceremony were not suited to our open-air spaces.

Discover a Civil Ceremony at Castello dei Solaro in our YouTube video. 

Civil Partnerships

Are you looking for a place to hold your Civil Partnership? Have you had trouble in finding a venue open to host the union of people of the same sex?

Well, lucky for you we think that love always deserves to be celebrated!

Our twenty years’ experience is at your disposal, together with the certainty that we’ve been among the first Italian venues to celebrate legal Civil Partnerships...

Civil Unions at Castello dei Solaro are, in fact, unquestionably Legally Binding.

You deserve a tailored wedding and we’re here to serve you in a manor with big rooms and alternative spaces suited to any circumstance or last-minute setback.

Would you like to get married in our tree-lined walkway, right in the middle of our ancient park?

But what if something went wrong? What if even bad weather decided to play tricks on your Special Day?

Don’t worry. We know how much it means to you and we are ready to guarantee an alternative worthy of your first option… We’ll celebrate your Civil Partnership in the ancient and evocative rooms of Castello dei Solaro.

Discover a Civil Partnership at Castello dei Solaro in our YouTube video.

The Services

Organising a wedding is not that easy and frequently, even the expert external suppliers can’t do their best, since they don’t know the venue, its rhythm, the schedule and the spaces of our historical dwelling.

We tend to discourage DIY: we have seen many brides improvise and then regret it because, let’s be honest, “you only get married once”.

Here’s how we differ… Loredana has a twenty years’ experience in the field and knows the Castle like the back of her hand! That’s why she’ll be able to give you the originality you are looking for and to create, together with you, a true masterpiece!

Your guests will be charmed by what you will organise for them, because you’ll give them the chance of living an extraordinary day.

You have a wedding? We love to collaborate!

Our staff will be at her full disposal to reveal the strong points of the location, so that you can have a perfect wedding and a team of professionals all for you.
Your guests will be enchanted by what you’ll organise for them, because thanks to you, they will have lived an extraordinary tale. 

Castello dei Solaro


Loredana twenty years’ experience but who maintains the passion of the first day on the job!

Castello dei Solaro


Loredana is owner of the Castle and knows it as the back of her hand! You can rely on her for your five-stars event!

Castello dei Solaro


If you want your party to be unforgettable, it must follow the latest trends but, most of all, it should personalise them! Our Loredana works constantly to seek what’s best for you!

Castello dei Solaro


People may forget what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel. Loredana will help you build many unforgettable memories for you and your guests!